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  • one-to-one classes is our priority
  • group classes between 2 and 4 pupils
  • no purchase of student books or grammar books
  • scrutiny over vocabulary learning
  • an emphasis on correct expression (writing and speaking)
  • no restraints with regard to term or number of classes
  • early preschool start of education with writing included
  • personal attention, motivation and disicipline
  • classes in your office at your request


  • Classes for children aged 5 to 18

    Our experience has proved that when a kid starts early his/her language education (6-7 years old), by the age of 12-13 he/she ahieves fluent communication, flair for the language and willingness to develop. We don’t offer assistance for school work with the purpose of getting a higher grade but permanent knowledge to build up on.

  • Classes for adults

    The approach to adults resembles the one to kids – memorizing texts and dialogues, persistent learning of vocabulary and good use of it, writing formal and informal letters, reports, data analyses etc.

  • Cambridge exams preparation


    While getting a certificate for any level YLE to B1 proves worthwhile efforts, increases self-confidence and provides valuable experience with exams, FCE и CAE are mandatory in job applications in Bulgaria and abroad, are termless and the knowledge aquired in preparation serves as a prerequisite for a high score in IELTS, TOEFL, SAT.

  • Admission to university exam preparation


    We recommend TOEFL и SAT preparation to be carried out in one-to-one classes. Each part of the exams is practiced multiple times with the teacher who demonstrates clearly how excellent performance to be accomplished. In IELTS preparation special attention is paid to the Writing и Speaking part through a variety of topics, ideas and examples given by the teacher.

  • English language courses in the UK for children and adults

    The minimum duration of the language courses is 2 weeks and the minimum age – 9 years old. They are held in Cambridge, London, Reading and other locations in the summer for kids younger than 14, as well as throughout the year for older students. We help with the organization till the very return of the candidates and we do not ask for additional payment above the official fees. We consider these language courses very useful, particularly if there is good basic knowledge of English.

  • Essay writing

    specialized course

    Essays and other kinds of writing tasks are believed to be the most difficult part of the exams That’s because essays should not be written following patterns. In the specialized course the teacher provokes thinking, gives suggestions, shows how students’ ideas might find good expression in English, corrects each sentence in the course of writing and creates exam environment, taking into account the two factors: time and number of words.

  • Motivation letter application for university studies abroad

    consultation and cooperation

    The motivation letter is of greater value when applying for a prestigious university abroad than academic grades and success at olympiads and competitions. A good proof for excellent cooperation in writing the motivation letter is the admission of our students in top universities around the world.


Children Grade 6 Or Lower

one-to-one lesson – 35 lv./60 min.
a group of two - 25 lv. per person/ 60 min.
a group of three - 20 lv. per person/ 60 min.

Adults And Children Grade 7 Or Above

one-to-one lesson – 40 lv./60 min.
a group of two - 30 lv. per person/ 60 min.
a group of three - 25 lv. per person/ 60 min.

Specialized Course Essay Writing

a group of two - 35 lv. per person/ 60 min.
a group of three - 25 lv. per person/ 60 min.
a group of four - 20 lv. per person/ 60 min.

About us

My name is Maya Ivanova and I am a manager of “Agency Foreign“. For the last 20 years I have been a loyal companion to my students in the process of their development, gaining self-confidence, realization of wishes and dreams. I believe education is successful when it’s based on trust, respect and will.

My former pupils are alumni or current students in prominent universities around the world: MIT, Ramapo College New Jersey, Imperial College London, King’s College London, University College London, City College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, Saxion University Holland etc.


Maya Ivanova
Varna 9010, 54, "Dubrovnik" str., en.1, fl. 6, ap.41